About Us

Woodcroft Writers

Woodcroft Writers is an informal and friendly group of writers who meet at the Woodcroft/Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Centre at 175 Bains Road, Morphett Vale, South Australia 5162.

We meet each Tuesday between 12.30 pm and 3 pm* during school terms. The cost is $5 per week, but your first visit is free.

Our group includes writers of poetry, short stories, plays and novels, and members have a range of experiences and goals. Some of us just enjoy writing for fun and self-expression, while others are aiming for publication or have already been published.

The group has an informal structure. We read our writings aloud, talk about writing, publishing, competitions, and anything else we fancy. We set topics (see the list in our archives) each week, but people are free to write on anything they like — the topics are starting points for those who want them. We also do a fun speed writing exercise each week to get our creative juices flowing. The main things we have in common are a love of writing and reading, and a desire to have fun!

We are always interested in meeting new writers, both beginners and those with experience, so if you’re interested, please contact us or just come along.

The group began its life in 2003 and was run from 2005 by Eileen White. Eileen has now suspended her leadership of the group due to family commitments, and from September 2020 Sue Scott has bravely assumed the reins.

*Please note the new time. The meetings have been lengthened (as of Feb 2021) because the number of members has increased.


Please contact us via our email address: woodcroftwriters_at_yahoo.com.au (please replace the _at_ with the symbol @  – we’re trying to avoid spammers).  We don’t monitor this address every day, but we will be in touch.

You can also call us at the Woodcroft Centre on 8384 0070.

10 responses to “About Us

  1. Anne Richardson

    Hi Everyone at WW!
    Great job, People! It looks fantastic and I think it also shows just what needs to be conveyed to those who either don’t know much about us or who are looking for a ‘group nearby Woodcroft’.
    Thank you for doing this setup. See you all next week (I hope!)

  2. Anne Cooper

    Hi Eileen
    and friends well done this looks great congratulations have a lovely Christmas and a Prosperous New Year
    Kind regards

  3. Anne

    HI, Guys and Girls of the Woodcroft Writers! I have always enjoyed being part of this group and now that my ‘medical dramas’ have ceased (good grief I hope so!) I am finding even more joy in listening to the stories of others and participating in the lively discussions that usually lead on from them! It was also good that Linda took time out to lead us into the world of self-publishing through the ‘lulu.com’ workshop. Thank you, Linda, for that! To be among like-minded people is a ‘comfortable’ feeling for me and I would like to say: “May we keep up our entertaining work for a long time to come!!!” Rainbows & Sunshine to you all! Anne R

    • Minnie

      Hi my name is Minnie and I’m interested in joining a writer’s group and would like to know a little more about how it works, and this one sounds very friendly.

  4. Gilbert Malekutu

    I’d like to be part of the group specially in term of short stories and among other text writting expressing my feeling about what is happening in the daily bases

  5. Jason Leigh-Tamblyn

    Hi I would like to join your writers group , could you tell me when it starts up again for this year.

  6. Susan Matters

    Hi Sue
    Just letting you know that Jacob and Matthew will be coming to the Writer’s Group this Tuesday.
    Regards, Sue

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